Circuit Panic Android Review


Are your Angry Birds causing you fits of angry words? Has the Minecraft mine run low on thrills? Well, Vinyl Games Studio has produced a new game that might help you kill all of that extra time you have, with their recent release of Circuit Panic. Can you save Rob, Larry, and Gus? Circuit Panic is the second game created by this relatively new company, and appears to show how Vinyl Games Studio has matured in the past year. There is both a paid and free version of this game. I chose the free version, and found the ads to be well placed, and not disruptive. However, if you don’t want to put up with them, the paid version is only .99 cents, and includes 3 exclusive hats and an unlockable extra world to enjoy.

There are 2 game modes for Circuit Panic, Survival and Story. In Survival mode, the game is very similar to other games which have a survival mode. The player must survive as long as possible, and the goal is to last as long as possible. In Story mode the game offers a little more. There are 5 background options to choose from which equate to difficulty levels. You begin the game in “Suburbia”, and unlock each new background as you complete levels and achievements. The game is very similar regardless of the background. You have 3 birds on 3 wires. The goal of the game is to avoid the power surges by jumping over them or onto different wires. There are point balloons and bandages for your birds to collect at the same time which help you get closer to attaining achievements. There is a handy dandy power meter in the upper right hand corner that serves as a gauge, which tells you how much power is left, and how close you are to completing a level. As you progress through the levels, the power surges become faster and more lethal.


The visuals are quirky and fitting, nothing new to the scene, but well done and appealing as is the interface. Gameplay is addictive and fun. You will waste copious amounts of time with this game if you aren’t careful. There is nothing complicated about this game, making it easy for any type of gamer to understand regardless of age. The controls in this game are responsive and useful, but I found myself frustrated at times due to having my thumbs in the way of indicator lights that warn you of a power surge. The music is entertaining, and doesn’t get old after multiple play throughs. I have to be honest; the music has been stuck in my head for about a week.

Overall this game is addictive and fun. There is nothing special about it, but it doesn’t really matter because it keeps you playing. Achievement progression and incentives for your birds, keep you going. This game is easy to learn, and challenging to master. While not ground breaking, the game breaks down like this:

The game pulls off what it set out to do by encouraging the gamer to play in his or her down time by offering convenient stop/continue options. Circuit Panic offers nothing really new to the Android, ios, or Blackberry scene, but packages its entertainment factor together nicely.

It’s graphics are on par with what is fast becoming the expectation for this type of mobile game. While this is the current plague of many mobile games, this game suffers due to a slight lapse of vision and thought on behalf of the creator. Hiding indicator lights behind thumbs can really be frustrating. Either way you choose to play this game, it’s a low risk price point for a good quality time killer. While it isn’t a story driven game, Circuit Panic offers some story quality through the various backgrounds and challenges it presents. This isn’t the type of game I typically would find myself investing a lot of time into, I still found myself gaining an attachment to its characters.

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