Kickstopped – The Real Kratos Overestimates His Facebook Following


At some point in his life, Tsvetan Hristov was told he looked like Kratos. Maybe the catalyst event was Halloween, maybe it was some form of Comic-Con. Either way, The Real Kratos has amassed an enormous social media following on Facebook.

Tsvetan seemed to think he could bank on that fan base, he even thought it might be possible to fund a feature film, starring himself as Kratos. The plot would revolve around the Ghost of Sparta as he battles Odysseus from Homer’s The Iliad and the Odyssey? Seriously. What the hell? Over 40,000 broke fans later, and The Real Kratos is approximately .069% ($206) of the way to his goal.

This is a classic overestimation of what your fans and/or followers are capable of. People “like” and “follow” because all it involves is the click of a mouse. When you come to those same people with an open tip jar, they’re far less likely to cough up their greenbacks for your self absorbed cause.


This deal may have worked if “The Real Kratos” was replaced by Jessica Nigri, and the Kickstarter was to fund a XXX film featuring full penetration. It’d likely be the biggest success the crowdfunding platform had ever seen. Sadly, this pipe dream will never come to fruition as Kickstarter has a guideline opposing this very idea.

A word to The Real Kratos. You have no budget breakdown, distribution plan, credits (besides passingly resembling a video game character), your pitch video looks like a bush league anchorman staring off camera at the wrong teleprompter, and you haven’t even cited the production company you’ve been in contact with. I don’t usually cyber murder peoples’ aspirations, but you’ve managed to break just about every rule that would have made your project credible. My advice? Check out Heroes of Cosplay on the Syfy channel, and pull the plug on your continued embarrassment.

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Dylan Zellmer

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