Overkill Announces Payday 2 Steam And Console Release Date


Payday 2 let’s you and up to three other friends pull off Heat style heists on your way up the criminal ladder. The original crew is back to lift fist fulls of cash from Washington DC and the surrounding area. A revamped CRIMENET network offers Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains the ability to accept a wide range of contracts.

Your crew will have the choice of knocking off small-time jobs like convenience stores, kidnapping high profile targets, emptying out major bank vaults, or trying your hand at cyber-crime. Prepare for jobs by casing the joint, honing skills, and studying blueprints and arm your crew with the right guns and gear to get the job done.

*Insert Payday candybar play on words here* This morning Overkill announced that Payday 2 is on it’s way to SteamXbox 360, and PlayStation 3 August 13th. That means it’s time to dawn the horrifyingly grotesque clown masks and banks, jewelry stores, and anything not nailed down will is getting stuffed into a duffle bag by you and your friends.

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Dylan Zellmer

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