Wii U Version Of Splinter Cell: Blacklist Won’t Feature Offline Coop


Ubisoft Shanghai‘s Splinter Cell: Blacklist producer, Liu Jun has confirmed that the Wii U version of the game won’t support offline cooperative play like it’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC counterparts. The feature was omitted to make sure the Wii U version would release in tandem with all other major platforms. The producer stated,

 “In order to ship at the same time as the other consoles, we unfortunately weren’t able to delve into this feature,” Jun said. “But we think Nintendo gamers will be really excited to get the game at the same time as other consoles.”

The silver lining here is that the Wii U version will include online multiplayer and is set to follow the same DLC plans as other platforms. Ubisoft Shanghai is concentrating on the Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, while Ubisoft Toronto is handling the three other versions of the game.

The omission of offline coop play is definitely a big stick in the mud, but Ubisoft is bringing a large amount of third party support to the Nintendo Wii U where many other third party publishers aren’t. If they need to alter their plans slightly to deliver on Nintendo’s platform on time, news like this shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a negative.

Source: Nintendo Life

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