Ubisoft Is Bringing A New Next Gen IP Reveal To Gamescom


With Watch_Dogs garnering tons of attention on the way to it’s cross-gen release, Ubisoft is set to announce another brand new next-gen exclusive IP at Gamescom. Ubisoft had already mentioned that an IP called Child of Light, currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal would be present at the European GDC conference, so this tease sounds like something substantially bigger.

Based on the reports out of Ubisoft’s recent earnings call, the reported IP won’t be releasing in the current fiscal year, ending in March 2014. That means anything unannounced would be on pace for a ¬†April 2014-March 2015 launch.

New hardware often sets new IP’s in motion. The longer a generation lasts, the more reservations publishers have about trying something new. Hopefully the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release will bring about another gaming renaissance that will break the mold of sequels, prequels, and spinoffs.

Stay tuned for more information on Ubisoft’s new, unannounced IP.

Source: CVG


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