Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 8/1

As the world turns, crowdfunding continues. In the past week I’ve been in contact with two great studios that have yet to launch their projects on crowdfunding platforms. This will mark the first time we’ve seen an Indiegogo project on the spotlight. And of course, we have a fantastic project that’s currently active on Kickstarter to shine a bit of light upon (pun intended, you’ll see). One of our projects has us mucking about in all kinds of dreary settings, another is a vibrant fight for life at high speeds, and the final envelops us in avant-garde awesomeness. Check it!

Middle of Nowhere – VisionArts – PC


Middle of Nowhere takes cues from Silent Hill and other survival horror experiences. We did a bit of a write up on the project when we first got wind of it, so you can look there for tons of meaty details about the game. In a nut shell we’re looking at a return to true survival horror with Middle of Nowhere. Dimly lit corridors, fog laden swamps, and mysterious caverns full of horrific oddities await you. You’re Isaac, Father of Emily, a girl that has increasingly severe premonitions of a place she refers to as Middle of Nowhere. These bouts of horror are taking their toll on Emily and professional help is difficult to find. Isaac lines up a therapist to help his daughter, but disaster strikes on their journey to salvation. Middle of Nowhere provides the X factor that’s been omitted from many contemporary survival horror games, you know? That tension that makes you forget your breath is being held. VisionArts has an official launch date set for it’s campaign – look for it on Kickstarter 08.27.13


Tangiers – Alex Harvey – Windows, MAC, Linux


Let’s begin by saying that I’m an enormous fan of the stealth action genre. Tangiers is everything I love about stealth gameplay wrapped in a stunningly listless, unconventional aesthetic, as the familiar omnipresent eye continually indicates your level of covertness. The world of Tangiers is draped in an oppressive shadow, but the shadows themselves offer you the ability to traverse the environment unseen. Tense music accentuates the foreboding environment. Project creator Alex Harvey has said that a fair amount of exploration is available describing Tangiers as an open world stealth game. The amount of verticality, alternate routes, and of course darkness make Tangiers a veritable sandbox of possibilities. Leap forth from the shadows and check out Tangiers on Kickstarter!


Rascal Riders – Cameleon Labs – PC, MAC, Linux (iOS, Android, Ouya, and Oculus Rift support possible)


If you were one of MotorGun‘s disappointed backers, don’t fret, we got you. Rascal Riders looks to blend the combat of Road Rash with the precision handling of superbike racing in a fabulous Cyberpunk setting. Cameleon Labs has stated the gameplay dynamics would be akin to Wipeout, and the track locations inspired by the retro classic Trackmania, with a sick combat system that lets you use multiple weapon types to spill your foes on the asphault. The story is being developed alongside a graphic novel, so there should be plenty of backstory and lore to pull from. Here’s a fantastic, graphic novel-like teaser to wet your appetite until Rascal Racer’s imminent campaign start.


Like I said before, two of these projects have yet to launch, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to hear about them, so you did. Happy now? Tangiers stealthily nabs our hearts from our chest and excitement from our brain heads this week as our top pick. We’ll be back with you next week with more crowdfunding sizzle. In the meantime, check out our Cloudberry Kingdom review, or see what Capcom is up to with Deep Down. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great industry news, reviews, and previews! Have a great week folks!

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