Capcom Confirms Deep Down Will Be Playable At TGS 2013


If you recall, Capcom took to the stage at Sony‘s PlayStation 4 reveal event with a great looking demo titled Deep Down. Since then there’s been small bits of information here and there about the title, and it’s quite possible we’ll continue to see bit sized details for some time.

We nabbed a bit of great information from an interview with Dual Shockers that sheds more light on the tech behind the game, and why developers are having such a great time working on the PlayStation 4. Here’s some great tidbits from the interview:

The Deep Down demo ran in real time at the PS4 presentation and displayed between 10 and 20 million polygons per frame. It had a variable frame rate above 30 frames per second and a total texture capacity of 2 GB. It ran 30 different shaders at the same time.


The demo can run on a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU. 


The peak performance of the PS4 is lower than that of an high end PC theoretically, but due to the ease of development and the streamlined architecture there are areas in which it can be superior

Today, Capcom released a new teaser trailer for Deep Down showing off some of the baddies we’ll inevitably run into.


Capcom remains somewhat ambiguous as to the nature of the game, but 4Gamer was recently able to get a few details. It seems as Deep Down is no longer a “working title” for the game, but the confirmed title moving forward. According to today’s announcement, it was revealed that Deep Down is to be developed as an online game. The games genre is still being referred to as “reading memory RPG” a term still shrouded in mystery. Capcom says there will be a playable demo available at the 2013 Tokyo Gameshow.


Thank you, Caleb Demarais for translating the 4Gamer details!

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