InstantGS Valve And Ohm Server Rentals Review

Editors note: This is a “service” review. We aren’t reviewing the quality of games offered. We’re simply reviewing the value of renting a Valve or Ohm server from the InstantGS service.


Recently, I’ve had the chance to try out a server from Instant Game Servers, they offer a couple of server varieties to gamers, mainly Valve and Ohm servers.

The design of the website gives the project away – they are just starting up, their design may not be as fluent as other providers, but they’ve shown they’re willing to adapt to their customers. It was unfortunate that my first couple attempts got foiled by a couple bugs, but were fixed by their responsive staff and my lease time was extended accordingly.

There are 3 server locations available US West (California), Europe (Amsterdam) and US East (NYC). I was set up with a US East (NYC) server and being an ex-competitive player, I mainly focused on CS:GO, the only relevant game for competitive play at the moment. I managed to run some tests and to my disappointment, I found their network performance lacking quite a bit. Compared to a few other servers in that area, I was getting double the normal ping and even packet loss, which is critical in current action games and that was without any strain on the server. The server specs aren’t posted anywhere, which gave me another reason to doubt them.

The default server configs were also not up to date and game modes like deathmatch, for example, required a bit of tweaking. I managed to ask the staff to add a few important features that were missing and they did – just within a few hours. The browser based console also seemed to be read-only, but support said they are working on it.

The one feature that had that some others didnt was the fact that you had access to all the 9 games that they offer and they allow you to rent the servers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the service is capable of hosting gamers that are serious about their game and/or are looking to play matches on the server, however you could test it out if you and a couple of your buddies are looking to have some fun and don’t have a PC strong enough to host a game for yourselves. This particular application of the service is a perfect use of the start-up.

Perhaps, a bit further down the road, InstantGS will manage to improve their service as quickly as their support ticket response times have been, and learn from the numerous established competitors that are on the market right now. The group is currently running a contest with some great prizes for gamers that use, and share their service via Twitter and Facebook (rules apply).