Facebook Has Announced That It’s Getting Into Mobile Games Publishing


At today’s Casual Connect conference in San Francisco, Facebook has officially announced it’s intent to become a mobile game publisher. The distribution base would likely follow a format similar to the App store, Google Play, and Steam with Facebook taking a cut of the profits mobile games earn on their platform.

The company describes it’s effort as a ‘pilot program’ to help small and medium developers increase their global exposure. Over 800 million people use Facebook mobile every month, 260 million of which play casual games. That enormous audience has spurred on the social media giants’ vision for proper app distribution.

The platform has already attracted ten developers including Kiwi, Brainbow, and U,K.’s Space Ape. The big “get” for Facebook thus far is French gaming company – Gameloft. Who’s current net worth is around $652M.

Facebook is simply trying to cash in on their install base. The company says that 41% of it’s ad revenue from the recent quarter came from the mobile platform. Facebook has yet to disclose the percentage they’ll earn off of app purchases. The industry standard is 30%, so if they’re able to undercut that, they may have a fighting chance in the app distribution market.

We’ll keep you updated as more details become available.

Source: TechCrunch

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