Smart Match Reinvents Matchmaking On The Xbox One


Xbox Live is the best place to game online as far as consoles go. That’s not to say there isn’t still a few desired features that have been omitted from the current formula. Such as being able to use your console for other applications while you’re trying to find a match on a great, year old game that’s online community is depleted.

Xbox One‘s Smart Match matchmaking system will introduce new ways to connect with players and find the perfect match. While you’re searching for a personally tailored (based on language, skill level, and now reputation) game to join, you can now utilize the Xbox One’s ability to surf the web, watch TV, or socialize via the Snap mode. When a match has been made, you can simply jump back into the lobby and ready up for online gaming bliss. Also, a single participant of your party is now able to setup a match for the whole group, making the act of joining the same game easier than ever.

Xbox One digital content on your HDD makes waiting better than ever. You can actually play titles installed on the HDD while matchmaking is in process on another game. It’s features like this that have us genuinely excited for the Xbox One. Microsoft is looking to revolutionize online gaming, and the Smart Match system may help them to do so.

Source: Xbox

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