The Microsoft Store Lists Xbox One Controller And Chat Headset Prices


The Microsoft Store has listed prices for several Xbox One accessories, such as the updated wireless controller, play and charge kit, and the notorious chat headset. There’s also a bundle that nets you both the controller and charge kit.

The Xbox One controller will run you $59.99, a $10 increase over the Xbox 360 model. The chat headset that’s been omitted from the Xbox One console purchase is priced at $24.99, a $5 increase on the current gen headset. The play and charge kit comes in at $24.99 as well. The controller with play and charge kit bundle is offered at $74.99 which will save you $10 off MSRP.

Microsoft lists the Xbox One controller as featuring ‘over 40 innovations’, an improved D-pad being one of them. However, within the other 39 innovations, Microsoft didn’t see fit for one of them to be a rechargeable battery. This is likely due to the fact Microsoft would like to (and are) force a purchase for the play and charge kit.

Many gamers were dismayed when Microsoft announced a chat headset wasn’t going to be included in the day one Xbox One bundle. The reasoning behind this? Kinect. The updated Kinect is said to have high enough audio fidelity to handle the chat responsibilities, but the chat headset was billed as ‘a must have for fans of online gaming’, which ruffled a few feathers online. Even though accessories have received inflated price points, first party software will stand strong at $59.99. So there’s something to be thankful for.

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