PlayStation 4 Q&A Confirms Party Chat And Friends List Limits


The PlayStation Access team has put together a new Q&A video that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions from fans leading up to the PlayStation 4 launch. An earlier video confirmed cross-game chat would be available on the PS4, but there was no confirmation as to whether ‘party chat’ would be hidden away behind a paywall like it’s Xbox Live counterpart. Meanwhile, features like online multiplayer will require a subscription no matter what console you end up choosing.


The Q&A confirms party chat will be a free feature available to all PlayStation 4 owners. Sony is making a real effort to offer social components that PlayStation 3 owners have been begging for. The other important piece from the video confirms services like Netflix and free-to-play games will be offered outside of the paywall as well.

Your friends list has now grown substantially as well. The opportunity to add everyone in your neighborhood is now readily available. The PlayStation 4 friends list doubles that of the Xbox One at 2,000 possible friends. This fact is much less important than the confirmed free party chat and app access.  I don’t see myself running into issues filling 1,000 friends on the console, let alone 2,000. Unless I start mysteriously wrestling sharks, I should be okay.

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