Mortal Kombat Legacy Producer Confirms There’s A New MK In Development


During SDCC, Mortal Kombat: Legacy producer, Lance Sloane explains that the new movie set to be directed by Kevin Tancharoen will likely be released in tandem with the new Mortal Kombat that’s currently in production. Start listening closely about about 1:08 for the statement.


Sloane mentions that they’ll need to line up the distribution of the MK movie with the release of the next game. No indication whether or not Ed Boone will be on board. By all accounts NetherRealm‘s Mortal Kombat 9 ran a clean 60 frames per second until the X-Ray attacks were initiated. During the specialty attacks the frame rate dropped to 30, but it quickly picked back up post attack. It’s very possible that a smooth 60 FPS is attainable with the type of power next gen consoles will offer.

This is the first bit of news about the production of a new Mortal Kombat, it was a small bit, but the hype section of my brain has been stimulated, so I thought it was necessary to share. Are you looking forward to a next gen Mortal Kombat? What do you want from the next installation of the series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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