Can You Survive The Horror In Middle Of Nowhere?


A relatively underutilized genre of this past gen on consoles, and for the most part the PC as well, was survival horror, at least true survival horror. Games like Resident Evil set the bar unimaginably high some 17 years ago. Since that time we’ve seen a degradation of the genre into more of a ‘action horror-esque’ situation. This transition culminated with Capcom‘s semi-recent Resident Evil 6 that featured a full blown cover system and firearm wielding foes.

A small group of talented, creative developers are looking to revive the genre with Middle of Nowhere. The project has a TBD Kickstarter launch, but I was lucky enough to get some insight into the project before it launched. Middle of Nowhere is being developed by a team called┬áVisionArts. The lead developer, Aaron Wilde is a composer by trade, working in the film and game industries, but he’s finally managed to to create enough of an opportunity to focus on putting his team together, and creating their collective vision.


Set in the year 2020, the story follows Isaac, the father of a girl named Emily that’s plagued with premonitions of a post apocalyptic world she refers to as Nowhere. Isaac’s priority is to get his daughter professional help to overcome the visions. While on their pilgrimage, tragedy besets Emily and Isaac in the form of a fatal car accident.


When Isaac awakens he quickly realizes he’s left the world he calls home for a much darker, post apocalyptic reality. Isaac’s quest to rescue his lost daughter has begun, with no short list of obstacles in his way. Dilapidated shacks, dangerous swamps, and foreboding hollows are populated with horrifying, deformed creatures. The horrible enemies that await you in the fog are known as stitches – humans deformed by unethical experimentation, creepers – spiders, and screaming nurse‘s – well, you get the picture on that one.


Middle of Nowhere exhibits everything I look for in a survival horror game. Tense moments, mysterious settings, limited weaponry, and that subtle nuanced x-factor that makes you forget your breath is being held while watching. Make sure your flashlight batteries are charged.

We’ll make sure to update you when Middle of Nowhere launches on Kickstarter, and we’ll definitely be sharing more information as it becomes available.

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Dylan Zellmer

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