Sony To Begin Hosting Indie Developer Gatherings On A Quarterly Basis


Indie‘s have sparked a micro-console war all their own. At this point both Sony and Microsoft are vying for indie support on a whole new level. Sony has had small developers in mind as part of their strategy for some time now, but Microsoft upped the ante yesterday when they announced a similar self-publishing policy for Indie’s on the Xbox One.

Adam Boyes, VP of publisher & developer relations at SCEA is charged with finding Indie talent for the PlayStation 4 platform, and so far, he’s off and running like a thoroughbred. More big news in reference to the Indie scene next gen is that Sony will be hosting indie dev gatherings on a quarterly basis at it’s London offices.

Said meetings will be aimed at discussing the latest PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita updates and the performance of the PSN‘s install base. The meetings look to be targeting European developers, but indies worldwide are welcome. It’s also very possible that these meetings, if successful, may branch out into other territories.

Source: Develop

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