Shadow Of The Eternals Has Relaunched On Kickstarter


As it was prophesied, Precursor Games has re-tooled and relaunched it’s Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter. The studio has seen it’s share of ups (?) and downs since opening and launching dual crowdfunding ventures for Shadow of the Eternals. The studio abruptly pulled the plug on it’s previous efforts after it became apparent that their goal was out of reach, and one of the co-founders of Precursor was arrested under quite unsavory circumstances.

Say what you will about the reformed Silicon Knights crew, at least they have the tenacity to give it another go. Curiously their funding goal is half of what the studio was previously seeking to produce just a single episode of Shadow of the Eternals, and this time, the $750,000 is cited as the budget for an 8-10 hour complete experience. It’s this type of zany reasoning that makes me wary of the whole thing.

How is it possible that the studio will produce a full 8-10 hour game for half the budget that was to be allocated for a single episode of content? Are they just throwing darts at a dartboard full of outrageous numbers, and using what sticks? Established development studios like Double Fine and inXile are having trouble keeping their projects within budget, so this type of inconsistency is pretty glaring for a freshmen studio that has little capitol of their own to produce a game. Unless the group has come into substantial external funding this seems odd.

In any case, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s sure to be another train wreck in the world of crowdfunding. We’ve reached out to Precursor in the past with questions to no avail, so this time I’m simply going to sit and watch.

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