Ouya CEO Says 73% Of Owners Have Yet To Purchase Software


Last week, several developers were sampled to get a picture of how the Ouya marketplace is performing as far as attach rates go. Some developers, like Towerfall‘s Matt Thorson were reporting decent conversion rates. As of June 22nd, Towerfall had sold over 2,000 downloads at $14.99 per unit. The bulk of developers were listing less positive numbers. Some developers stated they were making a miserable $30 per day prior to the Ouya’s 30% cut.

Today, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has come forward with another simply staggering figure. She says that 73% of Ouya owners have yet to pull the trigger on a software purchase. Emulation was one of the companies selling points for the hardware, and it appears users are taking full advantage of the ‘easy to hack’ architecture. There are currently ten emulators in the consoles ‘popular app list‘, so it’s pretty apparent that Kickstarter backers and retail consumers alike bought into the console to play retro games on an emulator.

To be fair, the console is only one month into it’s life cycle, and it may be too soon to judge. The conversion rate reported along with the abysmal sales figures will do little to attract developers to the device. The Android console needs major titles to release on the platform to drive sales, and thus far, arguably the most influential title, Towerfall is selling in the four figure range.

We’ll keep up with the situation as it progresses, but it’s very possible the Ouya could see a major price drop earlier than the Nintendo 3DS if it hopes to appeal to more consumers. Is emulation enough to get you through the doors on an Ouya? Do you think the company profits enough off of the hardware to stay afloat off of console sales alone?

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Dylan Zellmer

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