Square Enix Ports It’s Mobile RPG Chaos Rings Onto The PlayStation Vita


The PlayStation Vita is starting to see a ton of support from Indies. The newly integrated Indie channel and crowdfunding projects like Soul Saga are beginning to offer more diversity on the Vita. The fact that Square Enix has decided to include North America in it’s Chaos Rings Vita release is definitely a welcome bit of news for Vita owners. It’s not exactly what the doctor ordered for the Vita, but adding more content to the handheld’s library is heading in the right direction.

The Android/iOS RPG is told in four parts, following four different couples as they fight for their lives in an arena. The turn based J-RPG gameplay is fused with a ‘gene’ system that handles magic and stat boosting. The loot from fallen enemies is also used to bolster your character over time.

Chaos Rings is now available on PlayStation Mobile and the PlayStation Vita for a slightly higher than expected price tag of $7.99.

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Dylan Zellmer

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