Killzone: Mercenary PlayStation Vita Gameplay Preview


Earlier this month we reported on the Killzone: Mercenary mutliplayer closed beta being open for registration. Just today, the psnstore Youtube channel posted a seriously impressive on-screen demo video of an early Killzone: Mercenary build. Guerrilla Cambridge is heading up development, and it looks like the studio is producing a truly optimized FPS for the PlayStation Vita. The attention to detail is literally stunning, and all the mainstays of the Killzone series are present. Visceral combat, crisp audio, a sleek cover system, and precision aiming make Killzone: Mercenary a title to keep an eye on. (below is a 27 minute walkthrough covering the opening of the game)


Sony‘s first party studios are responsible for creating other true to the franchise Vita experiences like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which was literally the quintessential Uncharted experience with well integrated Vita touch-screen functionality.


Everything we’ve seen in regards to Killzone: Mercenary screams system seller. The September 10th release exclusively on the Vita may just foster in an aggressive push for adoption of the handheld. The title hits retail just prior to the release of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 console. Sony is providing developers a seamless cross-play architecture to make sure the Vita is paired with the PS4, so they’ll want as many Vita’s in the hands of early PlayStation 4 adopters as possible.

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