TV Nerd News #18

Welcome to yet another edition of iGR’s TV Nerd News! Despite last week featuring the Emmy nominations announcements, there were still some other bits of TV news that were add to the mix. Among them is a couple of renewals, some casting and a sign of the apocalypse. Instead of vaguely teasing everything for hours (erm, words I guess?) on end, let’s get to it!


  • In a very unsurprising development, HBO has renewed True Blood for a seventh season. If I had heard this piece of news a year ago, I’d actually be pretty pissed because I’ve (unfortunately) seen every episode of the show and let me tell you…it hasn’t been even remotely close to good in years. That said, after a surprisingly strong start to the current season my reaction is…well, indifferent, I guess. Like I said, this news isn’t surprising in the slightest so it’s not like I didn’t see it coming and while it’s gotten better, I can’t help but think that everybody would just be better off moving on at this point. All of this said, an HBO without True Blood is an HBO that’s worried about paying the bills so whatever.


  • This renewal is a bit of a no-brainer as well considering the ratings records that Ray Donovan broke for Showtime. It debuted as the best new show in the network’s history (and with a history that includes Homeland and Dexter, that’s saying something) and has been delivering great ratings since. So of course Showtime was going to give it a second season. The show hasn’t quite received the critical acclaim that I’m sure the network hope for but the fact that it’s delivering in the ratings department is just as good. I personally haven’t seen an episode since the Pilot but now that it’s getting another season, I may just have to. I probably won’t.


  • This news sucks, honestly. Not because I’m a big fan of American Dad or the fact that I want Fox to succeed a lot (neither are even remotely true) but because the show is moving to TBS and presumably taking a spot that the recently canceled Happy Endings easily could’ve gotten. That’s a bit of revisionist history because most of the interest for Happy Endings came from USA but still, I’d much rather have Happy Endings live on than American Dad. People keep telling me that American Dad is actually pretty good but I’ve long sworn off of Seth McFarlane (Family Guy) produced shows so I have little interest in believing them (I say that but I’ll probably check out Dads because of Giovanni Ribisi [Avatar] and I’ll likely review it for the site). Still, American Dad is moving to TBS in the fall of 2014 and I imagine that TBS is pretty happy about that since it’ll likely net them a few ratings points.


  • Now to the story that I find most intriguing out of all the news this week and that’s mostly because I like casting stories. However, I’m also interested because I’m aware of the pedigree that Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) brings to the table. His new SyFy series Helix has found its lead in the form of Billy Campbell (The Killing)! In case you hadn’t heard, Helix is a show that centers on a group of CDC (Center for Disease Control) scientists sent to the Arctic to investigate a possible outbreak and finds them smack dab in the middle of something great…or scary, depending on how you look at it. It’s an intriguing concept and I hope it succeeds, if only because I’d like to see SyFy start to produce more serious fare, especially in the wake of Alphas being canceled. Regardless, casting The Rocketeer means you’re obviously doing something right.


  • In news that suggests that The Simpsons should just end already, it’s been revealed that they will be doing two different crossover episodes. The first of which is surely going to make someone break something (I almost did) and that’s that The Simpsons will be crossing over with…Family Guy. Yep, in the fall of 2014, two shows that are so over-the-hill in terms of relevance are going to rely on each other to try and fill that void. Can’t say I’m that surprised but like I said when I started this story: it’s time for The Simpsons to end. In perhaps less terrible news (though still not good for the show’s overall legacy), a more natural (and that’s saying something) crossover episode of The Simpsons will occur with Matt Groening’s other show Futurama. Again, I’m not really sure why they think it’s necessary to do either of them but I guess it’ll probably make them money so…hooray? How obvious is it that I just don’t care about either of these pieces of news?

That’s it for this week edition of TVNN! If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, check out Monday’s FNN. Unfortunately, there weren’t quite enough trailers to debut in the past week (since everything studios wanted to show was shown exclusively to the people in San Diego) to warrant a new Trailer Tuesday. In the mean time, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @kyle_igr and the site itself @igresponsibly!

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