Sony’s PlayStation 4 ‘Consumer Console’ Has Been Cleared By The FCC


Great news for gamers looking to pick up a PlayStation 4 this holiday. The consumer version of the console that’s available at retail this November has passed FCC inspection several months prior to it’s release. This means that the console, as it sits currently, is green lit for importing. Two labels adorn the system, one marked ‘Made in China’, the other ‘Made in Japan’ suggesting the console will be produced in both territories. Sony may be targeting multiple territories for manufacture due to higher than expected demand. Early reports out of E3 had Sony’s PlayStation 4 pre-order sales surpassing the Xbox One 3:2 at retail.

The federal documents describing the PS4 note a ‘polished exterior’ and ‘max clock frequency’ of 2.75GHz. Basically the U.S. government (FCC) is all kinds of smitten with the device as well. The PlayStation 4 has it’s bags packed and traveling papers ready, now it just needs to endure the many rough fondling’s it’s sure to receive on it’s way stateside (where it will receive even worse treatment at the hands of the TSA).



Source: Engadget

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