Electronic Arts Ordered To Pay Original Madden Programmer Royalties


Robin Antonick, the original designer of Madden NFL has won his ongoing lawsuit with games publisher Electronic Arts. His winnings amount to more than $11M in damages based on royalties EA failed to pay the programmer. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year seeking royalties from the software used to create the Madden franchise.

EA attempted to devalue Antonick’s role in the series, but after three days of deliberation, a Californian jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Their decision forces EA to pay royalties from Madden games published from 1990-1996. The door is still open for Antonick to pursue damages from later, more profitable iterations of the series that were published from 1997 onward. A future phase of the trial will determine that factor, but for now Antonick has received his fair share of the profits he helped create back in 1986.

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Dylan Zellmer

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