Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Gamestop Preorder Nets You Sexy Skins For Fake Women


This is literally the reason 7:10 women hate video games. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is the updated version of the already released DOA 5. In true gamer stereotype fashion your Gamestop pre-order will net you genitalia raising cosplay outfits for all of your favorite DOA female fighters! That’s right, check out Kasumi, Ayane, Momiji, Rachel, Tina, Christie, Helena, and Lisa as they adorn their J-Pop, BDSM, and school girl skins.


This type of purchase incentive is apparently aimed at the adolescent and hopeless romantic crowds respectively. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with scantily clad, good looking women, but putting talented developers to the task of creating adult themed skins for female characters in a fighting game seems to be a poor allocation of funds. The decision to spend your design budget on thigh highs, fishnets, and corsets is a practice that’s quickly deflating in today’s gaming industry. Developers need to find ways to trim the fat from their development budget rather than attempting a plea bargain with lonely adults.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has an ESRB rating of M, meaning that the only people enjoying these sultry skins are 18+, and that makes it ever the more depressing when you think about it.


The model of releasing updates to an already released product is a familiar theme in today’s eSports genre. There’s really nothing wrong with the idea. If you have a balanced, popular fighting game that doesn’t need a complete overhaul, then releasing updated arenas and character outfits seems a viable road to tread. My argument is that said updates don’t have to perpetuate the archaic negative stereotypes that have been following gamers for far too long.

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Dylan Zellmer

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