Brand New PlayStation 4 OS Screen Shots Courtesy Of Sony


Whether you love or hate the PlayStation 3 XMB, the PlayStation 4 is bringing some serious reforms this November. The new UI is reminiscent of Windows Live Tiles blended with the current PlayStation Store interface. The new OS is designed to help gamers seamlessly transition between gaming, apps, and social interactions.

Last month saw a new video detailing the new OS in action as well as the new cross game chat in action. The departure from the minimalist design of the XMB is a welcome change for some and an unnecessary redesign for others. For most the real determination will be made in the opening moments of the next generation. The PlayStation 4 OS redesign will need to bring form, function, and enhanced responsiveness to win over the launch day crowd. As for the PlayStation 4 smart phone companion app, everything looks clean and accessible. The functionality hasn’t been fully detailed, but it looks like account management and some social tasks may be the extent of the available features.


What do you think of the updated PlayStation 4 OS? Does it look to be more user friendly, or is it too cluttered for your taste?

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Dylan Zellmer

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