WB and DC Announce Batman/Superman in 2015, Flash in 2016 and JLA in 2017

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This is how WB introduced the project to the world

In case you weren’t aware (if you weren’t I’m not sure you can be classified as a nerd), Comic-Con is happening this weekend in San Diego (sidenote: is there a weirder place to hold a nerdy, all-indoor event than in Southern California?). Many complain about the convention’s evolution from comic books to basically anything involving movies and TV (not this guy) but one thing that evolution has created is studios releasing bombshell announcements to their most dedicated fanbases.

And boy oh boy did Warner Bros. and DC drop a bombshell today: the 2015 sequel of Man of Steel will feature a certain superhero by the name of Batman! Yes, you read that right: Batman and Superman together in the next Man of Steel (presumably a title change may be in order; World’s Finest anyone?). However, that was just the beginning because in addition to that film, one of DC’s other prime properties will finally get their movie treatment as a Flash movie is coming in 2016! Still not enough for you, huh? Well, on top of all that we will finally get DC’s answer to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe because in 2017, the Justice League will be in front of your eyeballs!

As you can imagine, this is some absolutely huge news and sets the train in motion for DC’s plans to expand their own universe. And who’s bringing you this clash of superheroes you ask? Why the creative team behind Man of Steel, of course. That means that, yes, Zack Snyder (Watchmen), David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy) and Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) are all back. Nolan’s involvement will be reduced a bit, as he’s not co-writing the movie like he did with Man of Steel, but he will still be involved as a producer (as is his wife and producing partner, Emma Thomas) and presumably, be in charge of keeping Goyer and Snyder from letting their bad tendencies take over the good things they bring to the table.

Obviously the biggest news out of all of this is that the next Man of Steel movie will feature the Caped Crusader himself, Batman, which is an incredibly smart move because it’s still a bit too early to introduce a new Batman franchise. However, adding him into the mix in the next Superman movie allows them to introduce the new Batman and establish his relationship in this universe leading up to the Justice League movie in 2017, while avoiding rebooting the Batman franchise too soon. With production for that scheduled to start sometime next year, don’t be surprised to hear some casting rumors about the next Bruce Wayne to start cropping up as we get closer to the end of the year.

The Flash movie coming in 2016 is honestly a bit of a surprise because there has been some concern that the character wasn’t interesting enough to warrant its own film and instead would be introduced in the Justice League film that’s now happening in 2017. I’m personally very glad that they’re giving the character his own movie because I think by doing so, WB and DC show they’re willing to take a chance in order to get the Justice League movie set up correctly. Because if they waited until the Justice League movie, that would mean that too much of that movie would be spent on introducing you to everybody in the ensemble. One of the best things about The Avengers is that most of the heroes have already been introduced so there’s little time spent on letting you know why those heroes exist and why they do what they do. Who knows if the risk will pay off but the very fact that WB and DC are willing to take it is great news, in my opinion.

However, perhaps the best news about this announcement is the fact that WB and DC seem to be taking their time (relatively-speaking) with getting all of this to come together. I mention this because there was a nasty rumor a month or two ago that WB wanted to fast-track the next Man of Steel film in order to be in front of audiences in 2014, despite the fact that was pretty much impossible at the time and even more so now. So it’s glad to hear that that was just some conjecture developed by the internet.

We will definitely keep you updated on these stories as they progress.

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