Report: EA Sports To Continue College Football Franchise With New Agreement


Earlier this week, the NCAA dropped quite a bombshell in the form of it’s decision not to renew it’s exclusive license contract with EA Sports. Since then there’s been speculation as to how EA would continue to produce one of it’s flagship yearly franchises without the support of the NCAA. Electronic Arts was quick to respond to the situation stating it would continue it’s college football franchise without the use of the NCAA name and logo.

Today, Joystiq has reported that EA will extend it’s agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company through June 30th of 2017 (a three year extension). This gives EA NON-exclusive rights to produce a college football game.

The NCAA withdrew it’s interest in producing college football games due to an ongoing class-action lawsuit levied at both the college athletics association and EA. The lawsuit alleges that player likenesses were used without permission. The NCAA has stringent rules about collegiate athletes not receiving compensation for playing, which is one of the principal issues with using a player’s likeness. The class-action suit goes to jury trial in February 2014.

We’ll update if this information is confirmed.

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