Angry Birds Star Wars 2 And Hasbro’s TELEPODS Have Teamed Up


Angry Birds Star Wars II, featuring Hasbro’s TELEPODS, is navigating its way towards every app store and gaming console throughout the universe, starting September 19th. Rovio and Lucasfilm have teamed up to bring gamers a sequel to its Angry Birds Star Wars game, featuring an all-inclusive mix of the legendary Star Wars story and characters, fused with the unforgettable Angry Birds cast. Unlock more than 30 playable characters in the game, that each have new intergalactic and villainous powers, new stories, new levels, and new sides to fight for.

Angry Birds Star Wars II also introduces a lineup of over 30 collectable TELEPODS figures from Hasbro. Users can scan the figurines using their smart phones or tablets to teleport them directly into the game, customize their lineup and choose which characters they want to launch. This feature gives players access to additional players and superpowers (and more explosions). The TELEPODS will be available for purchase for around $20 just before the game launches in September.

Rovio has confirmed that Angry Birds Star Wars II will be available to Android and iOS on September 19th and to consoles a month later. Other items such as new toys, plush, books, apparel and more are also launching with the game on September 19.