5 Aspects Of Microsoft’s Xbox One That Have Us Excited


Microsoft’s Xbox One has been getting a bad wrap since it was revealed back in May. Consumers pretty much flipped out about the DRM features that required a persistent internet connection, and the companies stance on used games. Since then Microsoft has changed some of the policies it’s initial vision for the Xbox One supported. The aforementioned variations delivered what the vocal gaming community was craving, but it also axed some really great features like the digital license sharing of the Family Plan. More recently Microsoft has come under fire in terms to it’s involvement in the NSA’s Prism program. The company is now going to great lengths to clarify their involvement in the program to the public. At the very least, it’s been an ulcer inducing couple of months for execs at Microsoft.

All of these facts have taken root in the gaming community and helped to form preconceptions of the Xbox One. Months before the console was even announced there were preconceptions. It seems that people are overlooking some of the great things the Xbox One has going for it, and I’ll tell ya, it has at least five momentum building aspects, if you take the time to look.

The Controller

I go back and fourth all the time about who’s controller is better in the current generation of home consoles. The Xbox 360 pad fits my hand more comfortably, but I feel my aim and movements are more precise on the Dual Shock 3. When I saw the updated Xbox One controller for the first time, I knew this analog beauty was the real deal. It looks a bit more ergonomic than past Xbox controllers, and the thing finally has a proper D-Pad as well.

Great Online Service

When it comes to home gaming consoles, Xbox Live is literally the gold standard for online gaming and socialization. The service is fast, it keeps track of your buddies, and it’s ever evolving to offer you more. Picking up a new game and heading into a Multiplayer suite with friends on the Xbox 360 is undoubtedly simpler than on Sony or Nintendo‘s platforms. We already know that if our Live service is active, that it will roll over to the Xbox One. With the addition of cloud computing it’s going to be easier than ever to jump in and out of games with your friends.


The metamorphosis of the Xbox 360’s dashboard is uncanny. Entertainment is more of a focus at Microsoft than ever with the Xbox One. We already know that they’re gunning to be the single device inputted into your television. In other words they don’t want you powering off your console, EVER. The Live TV feature lets you, well, control live TV with the Kinect‘s voice and gesture controls. A fully functional TV guide is built into the OS and the console’s list of entertainment apps is ever growing. The presentation of the whole package is clean, and hopefully as seamless as Microsoft hopes it to be.

Launch Lineup and Exclusives

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure they have a solid lineup available in the Xbox One’s launch window. Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct 3, Forza Motorsport 5, and Respawn‘s Titan Fall are all coming to the Xbox One at or around launch. And those are just the exclusives, there’s also a slew of games coming from Ubisoft and Electronic Arts early on. I typically look for 2-3 solid titles to grab when I purchase a new console, at least one game that will keep me busy for a long time (RPG or Multiplayer), along with one that highlights the console in all it’s glory, and a final game to keep my eyes on something fresh. Titan Fall will fill the void on the latter two needs, and Dead Rising 3, Watch_Dogs, or Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will definitely quench the extended play thirst.

Prolonged Potential

As I briefly mentioned earlier, the Xbox 360 is a completely different machine OS wise than it was when it launched. Microsoft has a knack for continued support of it’s hardware. With that in mind, and the fact that this is brand new, more powerful hardware I’m excited to see what the engineers at Microsoft have up their sleeves for the future of the product. It’s possible that the cloud computing aspect could become more than it was ever conceived to be, or we could see all new applications for an updated Kinect down the line. The possibilities are endless.

The Xbox One will launch this holiday season, and the five qualities I’ve just mentioned are real reasons to get excited. We’ll have more great Xbox One coverage for you upcoming. Are you excited for the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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