Turn 10 Confirms Forza Motorsport 5 Will Require A Day One Patch


Changes with the way that the Xbox One will operate have forced games that relied on an always on connection to improvise. Grand Theft Auto isn’t the only upcoming game with a 5 in the title that will require a day one download. The difference here is that Turn 10 StudiosForza Motorsport 5 day one installation will come in patch form.

Features that the developer touted at Microsoft‘s Xbox One reveal like Drivatars relied heavily upon a constant internet connection. Now that the proverbial plug has been pulled, the developer needs to supply you with Drivatars, tracks, and cars via a day one patch download.

After the initial download, an online connection will be an integral part of the intended Forza 5 experience as you’ll need to get new and updated Drivatars that fill the AI opponent pool with competent drivers. Drivatars are updated, or trained, every time players race and the AI evolves based on user input. Which makes the experience more challenging and interesting.

It’s not certain what a fully offline experience would entail, but the game was built around constant, real time updates to Drivatars, so it’s safe to say going offline is going to result in a completely different user experience.

This is yet another change spurred on by Microsoft’s revised Xbox One policy. The anticipated digital license sharing that the Family Plan policy featured has also gone the way of the dodo.

Source: IGN

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