Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 7/18

My god, I should just start scheduling this article for Thursday’s, because Wednesday seems to be the bane of my scheduling existence. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy with crowdfunding, I have indeed. My recent chat with Mike Diskett was the highlight of July and my most recent editorial covering self publishing and crowdfunding may have just left a trail of positive ooze behind it (or was that just the normal trail of ooze that follows me?) Anyways, there’s definitely two projects worth your time this week, and probably many more behind them. One hides it’s true darkness behind a veil of colorful sprites, and the other is possibly a competing publication, but I can’t help it, it looks sweet.

Crypt Run – Lost Decade Games – Windows, MAC

Lost Decade has made a browser based demo of Crypt Run readily available for prospective backers to check out, and that’s just the type of thing we love to see. The games friendly aesthetic hides the mature medieval fantasy theme that’s woven throughout your dungeon crawling adventure. Dungeons are procedurally generated, so you won’t see the same exact room over and over (BIOWARE!) and the steep learning curve challenge you to play smart instead of spamming attacks. The soundtrack reminds me of early dungeon crawlers like The Legend of Zelda. Another interesting aspect is mentioned as Crypt Run’s tag line – Death is just the beginning! Meaning after your mortal character dies, you have another chance to not suck battling foes in the realm of the dead. Crypt Run offers so many features that make me all warm and nostalgic while adding a unique twist on a tried and tested formula. Now this next part is important, by Crypt Run’s logic, you can apparently head over to Kickstarter to back the project whether you have a pulse, or not. No excuses!


Casual Game Insider Magazine: Year 2 – Stratus Games

You magnificent bastards. Crowdfunding a gaming magazine that’s focused on casual table top board and card games (like the ones found on Kickstarter), and yes, that says year 2. The first year’s worth of Casual Game Insider Magazine was also funded on Kickstarter. The successful upstart reaches over 2,000 game stores with the help of three large game distributors. There’s also an app available on the iPad to catch up on all of your favorite group gaming needs. Stratus has already poked their head through the window of crowdfunding success, but the more funding raked in means a larger distribution network and additional mobile apps to spread the brand. If you’d like to get your hands on the Fall issue of the popular magazine and PDF’s of four back issues at a great price, head over and back Casual Game Insider on Kickstarter.


There you have it! Two great projects to consider this week on Kickstarter. We’ve been getting a great response in the inbox from project creators, and we’re sorry we couldn’t give space to every single one of you! Keep reaching out and letting us know about your project, and we’ll do our best to get you some coverage. Our top pick this week is Crypt Run for their steep learning curve and procedurally generated hatred of skeletons. Don’t forget to check back regularly for great crowdfunding projects worthy of your time. Find myself and the site on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop, and we’ll see you next week!

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