Capybara Games Bring Super Time Force To XBLA In 2013


Capybara Games is bringing it’s modern side scrolling, time manipulating, gun blazing combat to the Xbox Live Arcade in the form of Super Time Force. Imagine the crazy action of Contra and Gunstar Heroes blended with modernized, but still retro artwork and the ability to bend time to your whim.

Four main characters all harness specific special abilities like Jef Leppard’s (yeah they went there) bazooka, Lassie Sniperz’ sniper rifle, Shieldy Blockerson’s Shield, and Jean Rambois’ Machine Gun. And don’t forget about Zackasaurus, pretty much the cretaceous periods answer to Poochie from the Simpsons.


The action is fast and furious. Through the use of the ‘Time Out’ power you’ll be able to rewind the action, jump in as another character, and play alongside your past self…in the present. This allows a trial and error type problem solving equation. Each time you perish, you’ll be able to adapt to the situation with a different approach. Not enough firepower to take out a group of enemies? Rewind and grab French Rambo, Jean Rambois, and go all First Blood Part II on your enemies. Super Time Force manages to up the insanity just enough as far as the gunplay goes and adds a unique twist with the ‘Time Out’ capability to get us all kinds of excited to try it out.

There’s no confirmed date, but look for Capybara to release Super Time Force on theĀ XBLA before the end of 2013.

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Dylan Zellmer

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