The Xbox One Gets An Awful Reception At EVO 2013


Microsoft has been struggling with it’s presentation of the Xbox One console. The reveal presented a piece of hardware with a set of unfriendly consumer requirements, overwhelmed executives, and a general sense of fragmentation. Since then Microsoft has flip flopped on many of the policies that were unattractive to consumers in an effort to repair the damage done early on.

It seems as if gamers aren’t the forgetful type. Many believe the changes to policy were spurred on by low pre-order numbers rather than a renewed respect for the consumer. The policy changes undoubtedly help the Xbox One become more appealing to the core gamers that have helped usher the Xbox brand into the stratosphere. However, recent changes at Microsoft have the games media and avid gamers worried that the Xbox brand may run into further issues during and after the Xbox One’s launch, but that’s another topic for another time.

The point is that gamers feel a bit disenfranchised with Xbox at present. That point came across vocally at this years EVO 2013 tournament when the Xbox One was nearly booed off stage during an announcement.


Gamers are historically an opinionated, vocal bunch and it’s ever apparent that gamers haven’t taken Microsoft’s missteps lightly. Our hearts and minds go out to the poor gentlemen getting booed off the stage at Microsoft’s expense.

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Dylan Zellmer

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