Fez Sees Monstrous Success During This Years Steam Summer Getaway Sale


The first time I’d heard of Fez was on Indie Game: The Movie. Fez went on to become one of the most celebrated games of 2012. Our in house PC reviewer, Zach reviewed the game recently as he felt a return to the party was necessary. Shortly after our review Fez 2 was announced at the Horizon Independent Game Press Conference.

It’s looking like Fez had a bit of a successful run on the Steam Summer Getaway Sale this year. The indie game sold 105,000 copies in it’s first 48 hours on sale. That equates to the number of copies the game sold in it’s first month on the Xbox Live Arcade, as well as it’s first three months on Steam.

Phil Fish took to Twitter to share the news –

Ok, so our first Steam summer sale is over and it was BANANERSHe went on to say, “We sold 105k units in 48 hours.” and ended with “Thank you cheap people everywhere.”

You stay classy, Phil Fish. Fez 2 will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated indie games in the coming years, and we’ll keep you up to date with any information that becomes available.

Source: VG247

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