Shadow Of The Eternals Will Relaunch On Kickstarter July 25th


Shadow of the Eternals failed to fund back in June, even though developer Precursor Games had two simultaneous crowdfunding efforts running on their official site and the popular platform Kickstarter. The studio pulled the plug on their own Kickstarter campaign after it became apparent the game wasn’t going to meet it’s funding goal.

Sometime later, on June 30th, Precursor game writer, designer, and artist Ken McCulloch was arrested. The studio seems to have a black cloud hanging above it at all times. Former Silicon Knights studio head Denis Dyack has drawn more than his fair share of negative attention to the studio, and the fact that Precursor Games consists of many former Silicon Knights employees and hardware assets doesn’t help their case.

The team has now announced they will relaunch on Kickstrarter July 25th. As you very well know if you’re one of our readers, I’m a large supporter of crowdfunding, but in my opinion Precursor shouldn’t be asking for several million dollars right out of the gate. The newly minted studio hasn’t yet proved themselves, and their final efforts at Silicon Knights proved to be less than desirable (Too Human, X-Men: Destiny). Even established studios have trouble properly allocating their crowdfunding budgets, so why should we have faith in a brand new studio comprised of former Silicon Knights employees? If you recall the studio’s financial woes stem from a lawsuit against Epic that didn’t end well. Who’s to say Precursor isn’t the spiritual successor of Silicon Knights, in the same way Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor of Eternal Darkness?

We’ll keep you up to date on the proceedings, we never wish failure on anyone, that’s not our bag, baby. But it’s hard to get behind the studios efforts after the early controversy that plagued their initial launch, and the drama that’s ensued since.

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Dylan Zellmer

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