The Killzone: Mercenary Closed Multiplayer Beta Signup Has Begun


The Playstation Blog has announced the Killzone: Mercenary closed beta signup is now live. Being a closed beta it’s not guaranteed you’ll be selected, but why not try? Prospective candidates have until 2pm PDT on Wednesday, July 17th to register. This is the first chance for the public to get a look at the Playstation Vita exclusive. If you’re chosen for the beta you’ll receive a follow up email telling you how to get started.

Killzone: Mercenary’s multiplayer suite provides a large assortment of weapons, grenades, armor, and special devices known as VAN-Guard’s used to allow customization of multiplayer load-outs. The deep customization is provided to compliment your specific play style.

Killzone: Mercenary is designed to highlight the Vita’s potential as a core gaming device and show how well an optimized FPS can perform on the handheld.

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Dylan Zellmer

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