Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 7/11

We’re back from…well nowhere, but I totally space cadet’d yesterdays deadline in lieu of other monstrous tasks. We’ve received tons of emails from Kickstarter hopefuls this week, and we’re nabbing one of the more unique picks from our inbox to share along with two other fantastic projects that have secured a combined total of nearly one million thus far. We’ll be controlling colossal mechs (not Pacific Rim), bribing executives, and spiriting away to the Old North in this weeks Kickstarter Spotlight. So, strap in, it’ll be a bumpy, steam driven ride.

Warmachine: Tactics – Privateer Press Interactive – PC MAC


Warmachine is a tabletop strategy game first conceptualized by Mat Wilson. Now Privateer Press Interactive and WhiteMoon Dreams will bring the magic, technology, and Warjacks of the board game to life in Warmachine: Tactics. The amount of lore and history the Warmachine universe will provide the games writers and designers all the rich content they could ever ask for. The game is deeply set in the Turn Based Strategy genre as to retain the spirit of the tabletop. The hulking mechs known as Warjacks are controlled/bound to rare individuals called Warcasters. These warriors have mastered the art of arcane sorcery as well as martial combat. Four powerful nations will vie for control in this utterly epic crowdfunded masterwork. If you even need to hear any more, or you just want to throw your wallet at the screen, head over to Kickstarter and check out Warmachine: Tactics.

Satellite Reign – 5 Lives Studios – PC, MAC, Linux


Satellite Reign picks up where Syndicate left off. A fully realized, living, breathing Cyberpunk world is open and at your fingertips. All of the familiar underhanded tactics like bribery, kidnapping, assassinations, and more are waiting to be exploited. Corporate espionage takes center stage once again, but it’s complimented by revolution. A new organization seeks to secure power and overthrow the current mega-corporations that control the cities every move. Class based Real Time Strategy combat dominates the head to head altercations of Satellite Reign. But why not siphon the funding from the opposing force and feed misinformation through the pipeline to cripple their cause instead? Satellite Reign is being developed with the Unity Engine and overseen by Syndicate Wars lead Mike Diskett and his close-knit team at 5 Lives Studios. Tip the scales in favor of the revolution by heading over to Kickstarter and tossing some green into the slush funding, and watch out for some classified information from the team upcoming.

Celestian Tales: Old North – Ekuator Games – PC, MAC, Linux


Are you a fan of traditional, narrative driven RPG‘s? Have you lost your sense of wonder in today’s heavily scripted RPG experiences? Celestian Tales: Old North looks to recapture the sense of exploration and heart that defined old school RPGs like the J-RPG‘s of the 90’s era. High resolution, hand drawn characters (six of which are playable), multiple conclusions, dynamic encounters, over 20 hours of gameplay and a compelling, decade spanning story are about all you can ask for. Head over to Kickstarter and recapture the nostalgia of your childhood, or if you happen to be too young for 90’s J-RPG’s, check out a modern retelling of the genre.

This is simply one of the strongest spotlights we’ve had in some time. All three of these titles are deserving of your support. It’s never been a better time to be a PC gamer, the selection of titles has never been greater, many of which are relatively light on the wallet. Warmachine: Tactics has our top pick this week, hands down. The concept, lore, and gameplay we’ve seen are a must have for any crowdfunder. Well folks, stick a fork in us, we’re done for this week. See you next time!

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • fingersmcgee

    Warmachine looks EXACTLY like Warhammer. Where’s the lawsuit?

    • Fitzy

      I’m pretty sure the warjack’s crushed it..