Sega Sues THQ For Pre-Order Steam Pre-Order Revenue


Back in January, during the THQ auction, Sega purchased Relic Entertainment and their Company of Heroes IP for $26.6 million. Now Sega has sued THQ seeking $941,710.93 based on Company of Heroes 2‘s Steam pre-order revenue.

According to Sega $508,877.85 should be considered a first priority seeing as Valve paid that amount to THQ the day after they’d filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. All together Sega is seeking the funds from 20,755 Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders that were placed between September 2012 and January 24th, 2013. Said pre-order revenue amounted to $1,345,301.29 prior to Valve’s 30% take of sales made on it’s Steam digital distribution platform.

THQ sold many of it’s existing IP’s to several bidders in Januaries action. Koch Media ended up with Volition and it’s Saints Row franchise as well as rights to the Metro series. While Crytek lifted the Homefront IP for future development. Are we to expect additional legal filings toward THQ for Metro: Last Light pre-order revenue? What’s your take on this situation?

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