Rockstar Releases It’s Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer


Rockstar has released it’s first gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V. A brief look at Los Santos starts things off followed by an illuminating look at how three playable protagonists will transform the series. The open world is larger and more detailed than ever, amd missions are forever changed as players are able to switch vantage points during engagements. Time spent pre and post mission is also split between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.


As for customization, character progression, side missions, and leisure activities – it’s all here in spades. Car customization is deeper than ever, side missions will be more than fetch quests, and full fledged sports sims have been jammed into the fray. Enjoy a day on the links, ace an opponent in tennis. or head out on a bike ride.

The connection between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor exists via their shared criminal activities. Progressively intricate heists require player selection and planning. After a heist is successfully pulled off the take is split thrice. You’ll decide how each character invests their cash. Everything from tattoos, new cars, properties, and stocks are a click away.

Combat has been retooled to provide a more fluid, seamless experience. The transition between weapons appears similar to Red Dead Redemption, the weapon swapping appears smooth and effortless. A brief look at GTA V online ends things properly as a player overlooks a bustling city full of pedestrians, cars, and jets.

R* has managed to completely outdo themselves on scale, detail, and innovation. Grand Theft Auto V may just be the biggest game of this console generation. Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17th on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Check out R*s recent Asked & Answered segment to keep the hype train rolling.

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