Donald Glover Takes Reduced Role in Community

In light of last week’s holiday, there’s been little in the way of film or TV news. That unfortunately means that there’s nothing that I can really talk about in my weekly FNN or TVNN articles so I apologize to all three of you that read them on a weekly basis. However, you three aren’t entirely out of luck (look for some extra stuff later this week, as well) because some interesting TV news broke yesterday afternoon ┬áthat I’ve honestly been trying to cope with the past 24 hours.


In case you didn’t hear, Donald Glover (Community) will not be a major part of the upcoming fifth season of Community, appearing in only 5 of the 13 episodes. As reported by Vulture last month, Glover has been looking to spend less time doing on his acting commitments and more time on his burgeoning rap career (as Childish Gambino) so it would appear he got his wish. Despite the fact that I actually like him as a rapper, I can’t help but feel a bit disheartened by this news because Glover’s character, Troy Barnes, is by far my favorite on the show and a lot of that has to do with how great Glover is at reading his lines. He can turn a fairly unfunny moment into something tremendously hilarious just by way of reading it in the best way imaginable. I’ve even included a couple of highlight videos from YouTube that prove as much. And yes, I did go down the rabbit hole watching these clips, causing this article to be delayed by about 30-45 minutes.


While it’s great that Dan Harmon (Community) is back, the loss of Chevy Chase (Vacation franchise) and now Glover might prove to be too much, simply because the loss of characters will probably make the show feel less like it used to be than Season 4 did with new writers. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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