The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #11


X-Division/World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries was ready and willing to hand over the X-Division title to get his shot at the World Heavyweight title. Hulk Hogan, however, demurred a little bit, saying that nobody had seen how low Aries could go until the previous week. Hogan said that you could not cash in the title shot until after this evening. That means that now, the title is on the line. He said that Aries was going to have to defend the title against not only the former Suicide – now called Manik, since Aries won the title as Suicide – but Chris Sabin. Sabin recounted his most recent, devastating injury, and said that he earned the belt, unlike how Aries recently stole the title. Later on, according to reports, the Aces and Eights were talking about the X-Division match. While the club agreed that Bully Ray could handle any of the three winners, but Ray offered the possibility of there being no winners in the first place. The match itself was pretty intense, with Manik actually being medically unable to compete after the Aces and Eights came out. The Main Event Mafia came to make the save, allowing the match to progress as a one-on-one match between Aries and Sabin. Sabin hit All Hail Sabin not once, but twice on Aries, the second time off the top rope, getting the win. After the match, Sabin said that Bully may very well looking at the new World Heavyweight Champion, clearly stating he was cashing in his title shot.
My Thoughts: Well, at least people have a reason to tune in to the special edition of Impact. Beyond that, this felt both like a huge waste of time, and a stroke of genius. Honestly, if you wanted Suicide to change his name to something a little less gruesome, they could have gone about it in far more creative ways than, “Oh, by the way, Austin, since you technically won the title as Suicide, we’ve given the real one a new name so nobody gets confused.” They didn’t even bother to give the guy a new costume that doesn’t make him look like he’s a La Parka wannabe. However, the way that this managed to elevate Sabin was great. He took on a former World Heavyweight champion in what was basically a one-on-one endeavor (T.J. Perkins really isn’t having the best of luck, is he?), and he managed to come out on top. Sure, he had to pull out all the stops to do it (the All Hail Sabin off the top rope was all kinds of insane), but it still means that Sabin won a match against a man that has defeated Bully Ray in the past. Whether or not Sabin actually gets the big prize, it’s compelling enough to make me keep paying attention.

Bound for Glory Series: Kazarian took on AJ Styles, with Christopher Daniels cheering Kazarian at ringside. AJ Styles seemed to be a little bit taken aback because of Kazarian’s hard-hitting offense, but Styles really managed to turn things around. Eventually, he put Kazarian in the Calf Killer, causing the submission, and winning ten points. Jay Bradley took on Hernandez, with Chavo Guerrero accompanying Hernandez. The end came when Bradley made fun of Chavo, so Chavo grabbed Bradley to block the Boom Stick Lariat, allowing Hernandez to hit his high-impact elbow-strike shoulder block for the pin fall win for seven points. Jeff Hardy took on Joseph Park, and Park managed to use his size advantage to keep on level with Hardy. Park even managed to land a splash. However, a Whisper in the Wind made Park bleed in the mouth, turning Park insane, leading to a Black Hole Slam on the official for the DQ, giving Hardy ten points and costing Park ten.
My Thoughts: For the sake of keeping the column shorter, I’ll be analyzing the match results instead of the leaderboard. Styles winning with a submission really redeems his position from only grabbing two points from a draw. As for Hernandez and Chavo, the fact that they’re still a tandem in spite of Hernandez beating Guerrero is something to note, if only because it means that, should Hernandez fail in the tournament, we’ll get South of the Border (or whatever they called themselves) back in the tag team division. Jay Bradley, on the other hand, seems like cannon fodder. As for Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park, what in the world are they doing with this? Is that really the only way that they could think to use in order to keep Jeff Hardy from losing, without necessarily giving him the win after the beast that is Abyss was unleashed?

The Main Event Mafia Grows: Kurt Angle, Sting, and Samoa Joe came out to the ring. They explained that although the Mafia was originally established as needing to win a World Heavyweight championship to be a member, that was then, and this was now. Kurt Angle said that because Samoa Joe had recommended him, Magnus was the newest member. Magnus came out, touting himself and his partners. He then said that the main reason that the Main Event Mafia existed this time was to take down Aces and Eights, and all members had to share that goal and be able to meet it. Sting then said that Aces and Eights had threatened to make sure that there was no winner in the X-Division main event match, but the Main Event Mafia was going to protect the main event.
My Thoughts: If you’re going to have a group which a man that can’t go after the main title ever again as one of its biggest stars, incorporating multiple individuals with a chance to get that belt is a smart move. The fact that the new Main Event Mafia is chartered simply for the elimination of Aces and Eights makes the field for who could become a member far more open. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I have no clue.

The Knockouts: Mickie James was out in a ring with a ladder. Mickie said that to get to the top of the Knockouts division, you had to crawl, scratch, and climb your way to the top. Mickie noted her new-found fame, both within and outside of the company. She noted that she was Knockouts champion, but all she kept hearing were questions about her ladder match. However, regardless of anything else, whether it was Gail Kim or Taryn Terrell that got a shot at her, she was going to break the faces of either woman on every single ladder rung.
My Thoughts: I’m not sure threatening two women that went through a Last Knockout Standing match is the best of ideas for Mickie James. When Gail Kim is one of your potential rivals, you kind of have to expect that you’re going to have your smile smashed off of your face within three minutes or less. Still, I wish that I had the chance to watch the match on TV, because it seems like it could be good.

Gut Check: The three judges conversed backstage about both Adam Ohriner (The Big O) and Ryan Howe. They debated about how to evaluate both men. They knew that only one man would be able to have a final gut check in the ring. When they talked to Ohriner and Howe, they eventually sent The Big O home – with Ohriner’s own catch phrase. Eventually, Ryan Howe came out, guitar in hand. JB asked him if he gave his best the previous week, and Howe said that he did. Al Snow said that he allowed Ryan to get a Gut Check opportunity because of his development, but in spite of some of his other talents, Al Snow’s answer was a definite no. Ryan Howe gave a speech to try and get himself a spot. Danny Davis used the fans’ reaction to gauge his answer, which was yes. Bruce Pritchard said he didn’t doubt Ryan’s passion, but eventually told Howe that the answer was no.
My Thoughts: Well, considering their botch-tastic match last week, if either one of them got signed, I would have been incredibly surprised. Then again, seeing as the only Gut Check winner that I’ve even seen regularly on TV has been Jay Bradley (due to winning a spot in the BFG Series), I’m not sure either man winning would have drastically changed what we see on screen.

Other Items: The BroMANS took on James Storm and Gunner in tag team action, and both Robbie E and Jesse Godderz got totally owned. Eventually, the Tag Team champions pulled out a neck breaker/elbow drop combination to get the win.
My Thoughts: That Strong Bad inspired team name is still the dumbest thing ever. They should have known that the proper term is “Bro Men”. Ah well, at least Gunner and Storm made them look stupid.


This week was a Best in the World showcase, which Kevin Kelly hosted. As this site has already reviewed Best in the World, there is really nothing left to share, save for the fact that the showcase didn’t have the buffering issues that the live airing presented. They broadcast most of the Television and Tag Team title matches, as well as Kevin Steen’s match against Matt Hardy. The showcase opened with clips of the ending of the World Heavyweight Championship match.


WWE Money in the Bank – July 14, 2013, Philadelphia, PA
WWE Championship: John Cena {C} vs Mark Henry
World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio {C} vs Dolph Ziggler
Money in the Bank All Stars (for a WWE Championship match contract): CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Rob Van Dam
Money in the Bank (for a World Heavyweight Championship match contract): Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Fandango vs Dean Amhbrose vs Wade Barrett vs Antonio Cesaro vs Jack Swagger
Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel {C} vs The Miz
Divas Championship: AJ Lee {C} vs Kaitlyn
WWE Tag Team Championships: The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs The Usos
Ryback vs Chris Jericho

SIDE NOTE: Because of the fact that the past couple of columns had to be broken in two parts, iGR is going to be changing up the format for this column in the future. The breakdown will be different, the way that you see the analysis of each story will change, but yours truly will still be providing the opinions. Until then, if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, feel free to post them below!

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