Feature – The Sci-Fi Cooperative FPS INSECTION Hits Kickstarter


Here at iGR we’re continually contacted by crowdfunding hopefuls, and today something fun came across my desk. A development group by the name of Glasswing Studio has launched a brand new Kickstarter for their sci-fi co-op FPS game – INSECTION. The game is currently in pre-alpha and the team is looking for crowdfunding to pick up the final 80% of the development schedule.

INSECTION is set in a bleak future in which humanity has taken to the stars in the interest of self preservation. Earth’s final World War has left the planet inhabitable and New Earth is mankind’s first choice at salvation. OMNIA industries has opportunistically created a monopoly in the new, more inhabited universe. They control scientific, mining, and trade stations across the galaxy, and when they’re unable to fully secure an area they send in the experts. A new, unknown insect species is threatening OMNIA’s endeavors and your four person squad is sent in to squash the insect threat. Story missions will vary from escorting precious cargo to outright exterminating pests from a given area.

As we mentioned early on, INSECTION will center around cooperative gameplay of up to four players. Glasswing has designs for a dozen individual foes for your squad to battle. If you don’t have four players readily available, bots will happily tow the line. Several gameplay modes are in the pipeline, all of which add to the experience:e1f75afc364acdf28802651b83438fc5_large
INSECTION looks a bit like Borderlands aesthetically and it’s off the wall insectoid enemies all but confirm the game won’t take itself too seriously. However, INSECTION sounds more like a more tactical affair. Each member of your team will serve a very specific purpose, and losing a squadmate may be akin to removing one of your appendages. With droves of exoskeleton bearing baddies merging from all directions, you’ll need every bit of your teams combined expertise to survive.


Of all the planned game modes, competitive sounds a bit more unique and entertaining than the standard fare FPS online experience. Competitive mode will pit two teams of four against each other, both teams will be fighting to secure the same goal, but the opposing team and roaming insects will create a chaotic experience at the very least.

It’s not often that we see quality FPS experiences offered on Kickstarter. If you game on Windows PC, MAC, or Linux and are looking for a great cooperative shooter, look no further than INSECTION.

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