Ubisoft Reports Security Breach And Advises Users To Change Passwords


Earlier this week Ubisoft had reported that they’d updated their security measures due to an intrusion that left many accounts vulnerable. On their support page and blog, Ubisoft claim that the perpetrators had used an exploit in one of their websites to gain access to private information such as emails, usernames and encrypted passwords.

Ubisoft’s support team have answered most of the users’ questions and concerns in regards to the issue and say that no financial information had been compromised, as it is not stored within Ubisoft servers.

No official information has been posted as to who is responsible for the attack and it is strongly recommended that everyone takes further measures to secure their Ubisoft account and any other accounts that use the same credentials, the sooner – the better.

Currently the main website is undergoing maintenance and little content is available to users as Ubisoft try to deal with the attack, while none of the Uplay gaming features seem to have been affected.

Source: Ubisoft Blog