Report: Big Changes Could Be In The Works At Microsoft’s Xbox Division


The recent departure of Don Mattrick may have been in anticipation for sweeping changes at Microsoft‘s Xbox division. Rumor has it that a vast reorginization may be in the works, and that Xbox development may be affected. In Mattrick’s absence, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is looking towards Julie Larson-Green, current Vice President of Windows Program Management as Mattricks quasi replacement.

The reported restructure would bring all hardware, including the Xbox, under Larson-Green. The Microsoft Exec is responsible for early versions of Internet Explorer and most notably the interface design for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

A second rumor places current Skype President, Tony Bates at the helm of a new division. Said divisions duties would include acquisitions, mergers, and building/maintaining relationships with software developers.

With the recent departure of Mattrick and a possible restructuring at Microsoft, will the companies Xbox One launch suffer? Separating the Xbox hardware and software management could cause some form of communication barrier, lord knows Microsoft hasn’t necessarily been on the same page as of late. Their executives didn’t know how to address press inquiries after the reveal of the Xbox One, so how would a disjointed Xbox effort benefit anything? For now these reports are all unconfirmed. We’ll update you as information becomes available.

Source: Bloomberg via Gameinformer

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  • phoneyjones

    This is simply Microsoft being Microsoft. They are desperately trying to break into the mobile platform with the Windows phone and surface tablet. Pulling all of the hardware under one division is likely in an effort to ensure parity between the devices. The surface and windows phone are going to need that xbox one connection if they’re ever to succeed.