Kickstarter Launched To Add Chipmunk 2D Physics To Unity3D


The first games I’d ever played were all confined to a 2D space, I think that’s a safe assumption to make for about 60% of today’s gaming population. Games like Super Mario Bros., Contra, and Pac-man won me over with addictive gameplay on the 2D plane. We’ve come a long way since then, but there’s still a special place in my heart for the 2 or 2.5D platformer. The guys at Howling Moon Software see it a bit differently. They’re taking Unity3D, one of the fastest growing engines today, and adding a plugin their powerful low-level physics engine Chipmunk2D to the mix.


Their Kickstarter project is aimed at fully combining Chipmunk2D with Unity to create a more fully realized, higher performance physics experience. Tons of Unity devs are creating games in the 2 and 2.5D space, but using a 3D physics engine in a 2D space bottlenecks performance. The addition of a Chipmunk2D plugin to Unity Pro would allow better performance on mobile devices. Advanced collision events that can be modified as they occur and visual joint editing are definitely the killer applications that Chipmunk2D will offer to Unity based devs.

Our regular iOS reviewer, Jonathan was able to get some hands on time with Waking Mars and NightSky, both of which used the Chipmunk engine and are readily available on the app store. He noted that both titles are very responsive and run incredibly smooth on the iPhone 5. He also touted both games ability to utilize complex physics to drive the experiences. NightSky has you literally rolling, colliding, and jumping around environments with ease. Waking Mars’ physics are executed slightly differently, but to the same incredibly realized outcome. Jonathan noted that Jetpacking around Mars and restoring it’s once bountiful ecosystem was responsive and enjoyable.

The guys at Howling Moon Software just hit their funding goal on Kickstarter, but being native Twin Cities developers, we couldn’t help but extend the olive branch. Perhaps one of the best examples of how their engine adds value to the 2D space is within their Chipmunk demo app it’s available free on the app store. So if you’re a fan of mobile gaming, a Unity based developer, or like me, have a special place in your heart for the 2/2.5D platformer – head over to Kickstarter to help create an even more impressive mobile gaming experience.

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