Double Fine’s Kickstarter Funded Broken Age Is Being Split Into Two Parts


Double Fine Productions have enjoyed success on Kickstarter with Broken Age and the now successfully funded Massive Chalice, but what happens when a game is too large for it’s funding? Double Fine’s second go at Kickstarter was met with scrutiny as we’ve yet to see the fruit their first enterprise bore. In a recent backer update, Tim Schafer outlined a revised distribution method and schedule for what was first referred to as Double Fine Adventure, and later given the name Broken Age.

Schafer went on to explain that the funding secured via Kickstarter wasn’t going to fully cover the development of Broken Age, and that the team had to explore alternative ideas in lieu of compromising the quality or breadth of the project. The team arrived at the release window of January 2014 for the first half of the game. Kickstarter backers will receive the ‘beta’ version (first half) shortly before Double Fine releases it on Steam Early Access for retail purchase. The funds from the pre-sales are set to help production wrap up on the second half of Broken Age the following April or May. Backers and Steam Early Access purchasers will receive the second half of the game as a free update when it’s complete.

How do you feel about Broken Age being split into to releases? Are you concerned that the Steam Early Access release won’t secure the funding needed for part two? It’s entirely possible that the Kickstarter backers encompass nearly 100% of the audience that wanted the game, so retail sales may not be able to ‘fill the gap’ so to speak. We’ll update when more information is available.

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