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Welcome to yet another edition of iGR’s TV Nerd News! Despite the fact that I’m sure I sound like a broken record now, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about The Night Guardian one more time because its campaign ends tonight at 12am EST/11pm CST and it could still use your help. It’s still a little less than $1300 from its goal so go help it now! Well, read this first and then help it! Anyways, you came here for TV news, not shameless plugs…


  • I haven’t yet watched any of Downton Abbey but the casting news I’m about to talk about might finally put me over the edge: Paul Giamatti (Sideways) is joining the cast for its upcoming fourth season! It’s certainly not something I expected to hear, especially since Giamatti has never really worked on TV (HBO’s John Adams mini-series notwithstanding) and while I haven’t seen Downton Abbey myself, it’s raved about all over the place so I suppose it’s as good as any to change that. It’ll be interesting to see if this gig will lead to more TV roles or if it’s just something to do for him because I’m not sure the man’s had a break in years.


  • CBS is by far the number one broadcast network, ratings-wise, going right now. Say what you will about the quality of their programming (I personally can only stand one of their shows and it just debuted last season…more on that in a bit) but they get ratings. By all accounts, they have no reason to even try new things, especially in the summer wasteland. Despite that fact, that’s exactly what they’ve done with Under the Dome, an adaptation of the Stephen King (The Shining) novel of the same name. And guess what? It was wildly successful! 13.5 million viewers watched the first episode, the biggest summer debut since NBC‘s The Singing Bee in 2007. Despite the fact that I just said that CBS had no real reason to do it, it was pretty smart because the dwindling ratings during the traditional broadcast schedule has networks poised (specifically Fox) to start trying their hand at year-round programming. Unfortunately, despite the success of this venture, don’t be surprised if CBS sticks to its formula of crappy multi-camera sitcoms and procedural dramas.


  • I’m a huge fan of Psych, which, in and of itself, is a big deal because I don’t really like procedurals. However, I do think that the buddy comedy aspect of Psych is far greater than its procedural elements. Unfortunately, it’s upcoming 8th season will be its last but not without some good news. Originally USA ordered only eight new episodes for its final season but early last week it broke that USA was ordering an additional two, to bring the total up to 10. What’s interesting about this is that one of the two new episodes will be chosen by the fans! That’s right, the show is allowing fans to vote on three possible episode ideas and the one with the most votes will make it to air in its final season. Psych has always done well with servicing its rabid, cult fanbase so it’s not exactly surprising that they would do something like that, but cool nonetheless.


  • By far the most surprising show of the 2012-13 season was Elementary. It had all the elements of a successful show,  especially on CBS, but what’s surprising is just how good the show is. I’m, admittedly, not fond of procedurals (except Psych and Castle) because serialized dramas are just better works of fiction but Elementary was my favorite new show last year. To be fair, that’s somewhat indicative of the weak nature of last TV season but Elementary is actually a really good show. Part of the reason the show is so good is because of its great casting and that will be continuing for its second season because now Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) is joining the show in a recurring capacity as Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft Holmes. One of the things about Elementary is that while it’s pretty much a straight procedural for the first half of its first season, the second half really starts to open up the Holmes universe so it’s incredibly good news to hear that they’ll be continuing to expand said universe. It doesn’t hurt that Ifans is a great actor, though either.


  • Hey, remember in last week’s TVNN when I talked about Netflix renewing its third original series, Hemlock Grove, for another season? Do you also remember when I teased whether or not that would happen for their fourth series, Orange is the New Black? Well, guess what? They already have! That’s right, Netflix is so confident that you’ll like Jenji Kohan’s (Weeds) new show that they’ve already renewed it for a second season, despite the fact that it doesn’t even premiere for another nine days! To be honest, the news isn’t exactly surprising given the pedigree of the show’s creator, the cast and the fact that Netflix did order two seasons of House of Cards before even seeing any of it. That said, I don’t think anybody really expected to see the renewal come before it even started airing. Still, Netflix’s continued success with its original programming is hardly a bad thing so even if it may not be very good, at least it’ll motivate them to continue making their own stuff.

That’s it for this week edition of TVNN! Like I said in yesterday’s FNN, there won’t be a new edition of Trailer Tuesday this week. However, there’ll be a little something special next week that I think will make up for it. And as always, you can follow me on Twitter @kyle_igr and the site itself @igresponsibly!

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