Feature – Satellite Reign Kickstarter Launched By Syndicate Wars Creator


Kickstarter is known for crowdfunding innovation, nostalgia, and in some cases – a combination of both. The team at 5 Lives Studios have worked on some very notable titles in the past. More recently their portfolio contains games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Darksiders 2, and L.A. Noire. However, if we roll back to 1996-97 you’ll see that 5 Lives Studios’ Mike Diskett Directed the much loved corporate espionage thriller – Syndicate Wars.

The studio has a long running pedigree, and in some cases, they’ve been working together for more than a decade. The teams new Kickstarter project – Satellite Reign will draw from the teams past experience with class based RTS gameplay and cyberpunk environments.

Satellite Reign’s plot will sound familiar to those that have experience with the Syndicate series, but this time it’s not just corporations vying for dominance. A newly formed organisation with revolution on the brain sets the story in motion. Armed with distinct character classes driven by a combination of augmentations, gear, and high grade weapons you’ll have the choice of freeing the general population from the squalor they’re living in, or becoming the new domineering consortium.

In this type of scenario, options are a must, and Satellite Reign provides you with a wide variety of scenarios to carry out your hostile takeover. Through a combination of bribery, espionage, and daring heists you’ll provide your agents with upgraded augmentations, advanced technologies, and a bankroll to fund the insurrection. Underhanded tactics are the name of the game in the corporate espionage theater, so what’ll you have access to? Try hacking a corporation and relieving it of it’s stuffed coffers, influencing a bank manager to misplace his security pass, or identity theft. They’ll get the job done just as well as an all out assault.


The final bit that has us really excited lies in Satellite Reign’s city itself. The entire infrastructure is available for exploitation. hijacking, modifying, or outright destruction. Manipulating communication networks and security systems will provide you with additional benefits. Pilfering data while it’s being transferred to another part of the communication network will allow you to stay one step ahead of your opposition. Not to mention the aesthetic of Satellite Reign’s Blade Runner like metropolis is a sight to behold in it’s own regard.

If you have a gaming rig of any kind – PC, MAC, or Linux – Satellite Reign is a must have game, and you can get in on the ground floor right now on Kickstarter. What are you waiting for!? Just don’t steal my identity in the process, or we’ll have some problems..

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