The Xbox One Is Shipping Without A Chat Headset – Blame Kinect


Xbox Live has always been known for it’s cross-game party chat capabilities. The Xbox One will retain these features, but oddly enough, it won’t come packaged with a chat headset. The omission of the headset is most likely an effort to shave a bit more off the Xbox One BOM. Sony has already undercut Microsoft‘s next gen price point, and including a headset would add another $20-30 to the MSRP of the Xbox One. It’s also come to light that the Xbox One’s controller design won’t support conventional audio inputs, meaning there’s no compatibility with Xbox 360 headsets. Microsoft has gone on record stating it’s Kinect sensor will act as a more than suitable option for chat, but I’d venture to say anyone sitting more than a few feet away from the peripheral would need to raise their voice substantially for Kinect’s microphone to pick them up clearly. The other anomaly here is that, even though Microsoft points to Kinect as a viable option, the official description of their chat headset is that it’s a,

must have for fans of online gaming

On the flip side, Sony has learned from it’s past mistakes, and is taking a decidedly different approach to it’s chat system with the Playstation 4. They’ve made sure that cross-game chat is available, and is shipping a means of chatting (albeit a not very attractive design) with all PS4 consoles.

Before your rage meter starts bubbling over, Microsoft has expressed that they’re working on a means of adapting standard audio inputs into their Xbox One controller, but for now they have a large selection of headsets that will launch with the Xbox One. No word as to when you’ll be able to use your pricey current gen Turtle Beach headset, but we’ll update you if there’s confirmation.

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