Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 6/27

Well now, Armikrog has been funded (Hooray!), so I can probably stop harassing everyone about that. That leaves the door open for a few new Kickstarter crowdfunding hopefuls to take the stage. This week we’ve narrowed it down to two great projects that are both worth your time. The first is based on a long running internet comic, and the second you’ll recognize immediately if you were a child at some point in your life…you were right?

LFG: The Fork of Truth – Blind Ferrett/Paladin Studios – PC, MAC, Linux

LFG or Looking For Group is a long running free online comic book that pulls inspiration from the top-down RPG‘s we know and love. The narrative follows four characters – Cale, Richard, Benny, and Krunch. Each being reminiscent of a particular RPG character class. Blind Ferrett is behind the free online comic, and Paladin Studios are looking to adapt the publication into a Gauntlet like four player co-op, top-down, button mashing RPG full of humor and over the top action. The story takes place in a fantasy land called Legarion, and will be broken into 12 playable levels. It seems like Paladin should have a ton of source material to pull from, which is always a great thing, and what we’ve seen so far looks pretty great. To help transform a much adored online comic into a top-down brawler, head over to the LFG Kickstarter page.


OZombie – Spicy Horse Games – PC, MAC, Linux

Ozombie focuses on the adventures of the great-great-granddaughter of the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy. In OZombie Dorothy’s descendant joins forces with the Tin Woodsman and Lion to wage war against the Scarecrow and his mindless army in a bitter struggle for control of Oz. Spicy Horse is responsible for Alice: Madness Returns, so you know they’re experienced in adapting much loved literature. The group is looking to create a narrative driven RPG with a strong focus on tactical combat and exploration. After completing the single player campaign, a multiplayer mode will unlock that grants access to MMORPG like Raids and Tournaments. Now if you don’t want your childhood memories of Oz heinously corrupted by the Scarecrow and his minions, head over to Kickstarter and help fund OZombie.


That’s another week in the books! Both of these great games have raised nearly 100K thus far, but they have a long way to go. LFG: The Fork of Truth takes home our top pick this week. Because, let’s face it, Gauntlet style co-op is pretty freakin’ awesome. As always check back often for more crowdfunding coverage, and all of your mainstream games media news, reviews, and previews. Support crowdfunding! It’s good for the industry and gives small developers the chance to make games on their own terms.

As always, if you have a project you’d like covered, LET US KNOW!

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