WWE 2K14 Gets A Debut Trailer And Cover Art

As most of us are aware the WWE series is still in the hands of Yukes, but will be published by 2K Games this October. Making the annual series take on the moniker 2K in lieu of the replaced ’14. It doesn’t look like much has been done under the hood of the annually released WWE franchise, but it’s important to note that WWE 2K14 will only release on current gen systems – Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to be precise. It’s likely that a good portion of the development is underway on a next gen WWE licensed wrestling game, but until then we have the official debut trailer for WWE 2K14.


Confirmed Cover Art


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Dylan Zellmer

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  • tokyostomp

    I loved WWE13

    This sadly looks worse than last years title (graphically)

    • Edwardfortyhands

      I’m a long time fan of the franchise that’s fallen off a bit in the last few years. I was hoping that 2K would inject a bit more of their career mode expertise, but it’s looking like this year is pretty much a wash.